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28-A THE PLAIN DEALER, SUNDAY, JULY 13, 1980 u. The Plain G. Ellers Sister Evangeline Doyle and her two-ton sculpture. Nun in Akron sculpts when music is right By Richard G. Ellers Staff writer AKRON Because she likes hammering to music, Sister Evangeline Doyle said a prayer of thanks last spring when her favorite non-commercial radio station moved jazz to the afternoon and put classical music on in the morning.

Doyle is a sculptor. The radio change came just after she began her most ambitious work to date, chiseling a four-figure family out of a two-ton block of limestone. do "I like to work to jazz, but not Crash victim identified as Stark County pilot Authorities have identified Robert. D. Moser, 41, of Louisville in Stark County, as the pilot killed in a plane crash Friday night on Interstate 71 in Medina County.

Moser's small plane, flying low. and apparently following the highway, hit power lines and crashed on the median strip near the Lodi exit about 9 p.m., the State Highway Patrol reported. He died when the plane exploded. Moser's family said they had given him flying lessons as a birthday present in March, saying Moser had always been an aviation buff. Moser was taking the test for his license to fly solo when the crash occurred at 9 p.m.

Moser left Martin Airport in Canton Friday morning, flew to Ann Arbor, and was en route home, relatives said. Moser, a shipping superintendent for Jones Laughlin Steel Corp. in Louisville, is survived by his wife, Evelyn; son, Robert and daughter, Renee Danner. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash. Mr.

Donut NOW OPEN 10803 Lorain Ave. (Across from Sears) 3 FREE donuts with a mister purchase of 1 doz. MH INTERNATIONAL AND RESTAURANT DIVISION FAST FOOD City detectives probe rash of killings 3 1 By Ronald Rutti Cleveland homicide detectives have been placed on 12-hour shifts to handle a rash of cases reported in the past two weeks. Yesterday, four deaths were added to the department's caseload, with detectives saying there is no. question that two were homicides.

They are waiting for coroners' reports on the others. "We're really snowed under," said Police Lt. Edward P. Kovacic, head of the 29-member unit. "Four persons were supposed to go to a school this week.

But we're canceling that, and all days off for at least a The 1980 homicide toll, officially 142, is nine less than the count at this time last year. Since July 1, Accused killer found 'thugs' led him to jail For accused killer William H. Lankey, yesterday started off with some good news 'and some bad news. The good news was that Lankey, 39, was not being robbed by a gang of thugs, as he suspected. The bad news: He was being arrested by a gang of detectives.

Lankey, a longtime police figure wanted for murder, was arrested shortly after midnight when four homicide detectives saw him at E. 18th and Prospect Ave. When the plainclothes policemen jumped out of their car to arrest Lankey, they said the suspect thought he was being robbed. "Don't rob me, don't rob me," he reportedly said, as the handcuffs were put on. He was in City Jail last night.

Lankey, a drifter, is charged with aggravated murder in the death of Dearl Kirby, 50, a vagrant whose body was pulled June 7 from the Cuyahoga River near 1330 Old River Rd. Police say he is a suspect in two other slayings that took place in the Fiats area this year. Derelicts living in the Flats have told police that Lankey bragged about shooting Kirby. They also said Lankey bullied them and took their money, police said. The other slaying victims were Thomas P.

McIntyre, 36, and James P. Cawley, 45, whose bodies were found in the Flats in March. McIntyre was recording secretary of Plumbers Union Local 55 and, Cawley was a member of Ironworkers Local 17. Battered wives' shelters eligible for county funds Organizations operating shelters for victims of domestic violence should apply by Tuesday for a share of an expected $50,000 to be distributed by Cuyahoga County commissioners. The funds are from the $10 tax on Ohio marriage licenses that began Jan.

18. The money is to be used to fund qualifying shelters. A task force will review the applications at 10 a.m. July 22 in the commission's chambers and then make recommendations to the commissioners. Borchert's Patio Porch Enclosure Co.


Sherry, 29, shot about 2 a.m. July 3 at E. 66th St. and Euclid Ave. Yesterday, seven more persons were arrested for questioning in that case.

The new investigations involve the deaths of: William Magbey, 27, whose body was found about. 1:30 a.m. yesterday at Wade Park Ave. and E. 70th St.

Magbey, of 6810 Quimby had been shot once in the face. Detectives said that Magbey had been in an argument earlier at the nearby Wade Park Spaghetti Inn, 6922 Wade Park. Dale D. Wilkerson, 41, of 12712 Revere who was found dead in the front seat of his car about 7:45 a.m. near a house at 2861 E.

99th St. Detectives said Wilkerson, a security guard, had been shot twice in the head and once in the chest. Wilkerson, who worked at Merchants' Cash-N-Carry, 4013 Lee was wearing a holster, but his gun was missing. Police have found no motive. Sally Langford Humphries, 3 weeks old, was dead at 9:45 a.m.

at Lakeside Hospital. A coroner's ruling is expected this week in the death of the infant, who lived with her mother, Linda, at 1387 E. 123d St. i Linda Humphries told police she fed the child at 5 a.m. and went back to bed.

A boyfriend noticed Sally was not breathing at 8:25 a.m. Police said the baby had an abrasion on her forehead and another on a finger. Freddie Fluckes, 50, of 9410 Hough who died at 12:10 a.m. at Mount Sinai Hospital. He had been admitted June 19 with head injuries.

Detectives are awaiting a coroner's ruling to determine what caused the wounds. The seven men arrested' in the Sherry case range in age from 18 to 49. Detectives say they are convinced that Sherry, who left work at midnight, was stopping a robbery 7 when he was shot. "We have reason to believe all seven men were in and around the area at the time of Sherry's death," Kovacic said. IT' The Plain I Heinz Jon Hall, 16, peers out from his tiny racing car during a test drive on the Cleveland Area Soap Box Derby course.

About 70 boys and girls, ages Soap's on 10 through 15, will zoom down John Nagy near Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, in races starting at 9 a.m. today. Winners go to the finals Aug. 16 in Akron. Jon, from Strongsville, is too old for this year's derby, but finished fourth here last year.

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Monthly Terms 267-4070 Available North Olmsted Elyria Eastlake 24749 Taylor 33599 Lorain Rd. Route 57 Curtis Marginal 734-1000 365-8356 942-1896: 44 TE 1 3 Soap's the first thing in the morning," she said. "I need the graceful pace. of classics to start my workday." She is a Dominican nun who taught 29 years in primary and high school classes in the area. Doyle became an artist-in-residence three years ago at the Dominican community here, Our Lady of the Elms.

"Artist-in-residence sounds too hoity-toity for me," she said. "Getting dirty out here in my blue jeans, I think of myself as a full-time Her sculptures, woodcarvings, paintings and metal work are in what she describes as modern primitive style. In her massive family group for instance, a mother, father and two children form a hugging circle, with arms entwined and their bodies blended into a single roundish figure. "I made this for 1980 as the Year of the Family. I see it as a father coming home from work, getting down on one knee to greet and hug his wife and children," Doyle said.

The piece, recently completed, is for sale. She would like to see a business or government agency buy it for the downtown business district renewal area. Proceeds from sales of Doyle's works go to the Dominican Community's general fund, which supports her and her work, she said. Telephone numbers HOME DELIVERY SERVICE 344-4600 Weekdays: 5 a.m.-5 p.m. 5 a.m.-12 Noon OUT OF TOWN MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY Mon.

344-4050 TO PLACE CLASSIFIED ADS To Cancel or Correct Classified Ads ONLY 344-4200: DISPLAY ADVERTISING 344-4880 CITY NEWS DESK ONLY 344-4800 SPORTS INFORMATION 344-4580 TOLL -FREE OHIO CALLS TO PD 800-362-0727 If you do not know the Centrex number of the person you want CALL 344.4500 The Plain Dealer, 1801 Superior Cleveland, Ohio 44114.

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