Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (2024)

All of our pool heat pumps and pool heaters include FREE delivery to most UK postcodes. We also deliver Worldwide and to All European countries

We offer FREE advice in terms of sizing and selecting the best heating solution for your pool

We also provide a wide range of heat pump Accessories including Winter covers, pipes, valves and mounting feet and we also offer heat pump Installation and Servicing throughout the UK. We also supply gas pool heaters, oil heaters and electric swimming pool heater for pools and spas

For Indoor Pools, we offer a Design and Installation Service for dehumidifiers, pool heaters and ducting

Please see our Photo Gallery for examples of customer installations of swimming pool heat pumps supplied by HeatPumps4Pools

We also have a useful Installation Tips section offering guidance on how to install your swimming pool heat pump.

Swimming Pool Heaters and Pool Heating Solutions

There are many options available for heating a swimming pool. These include

  • Pool Heat Pumps
  • Gas boilers,
  • Oil Boilers,
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Electric Pool Heaters

At HeatPumps4Pools, we listen to your particular requirements to heat your pool and recommend the most appropriate solution to fit your requirements and budget.

We can offer solutions to reduce the running costs to heat your indoor, outdoor or above-ground pool.

Wooden Pools

We also sell an excellent range of wooden swimming pools. Please see our sister company The Wooden Pool Store at

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We will be happy to help with any questions you have about heating your pool, from sizing a heat pump, selecting the best model or to answer any technical support questions that you may have. Please Contact Us to speak to our friendly, knowledgable team.

Spare Parts and Repairs

We provide spare parts for most makes and models of swimming pool heat pumps and pool heaters.

From our experience, we can troubleshoot and repair most pool heat pumps.

We have a network of over 150 engineers throughout the UK who can assist on-site to repair any problems that you may have

Please contact us for a quotation for a spare part, servicing or repair of your pool heat pump

Also see our Spare Parts section

FREE Technical Support and Advice

We fully understand swimming pool heat pumps and all types of pool heaters so we can offer you FREE technical support before and after your purchase.

We provide FREE pool heater sizing advice to ensure that the pool heater that we recommend will meet and exceed your requirements.

We also offer an indoor pool design service covering dehumidification and pool heating for domestic and commercial swimming pools

Call us now on 01268-206560 and speak to our friendly expert team.

Also see our Technical Support page to log a support ticket

About us

HeatPumps4Pools Ltd are the leading UK based specialist supplier of heat pumps and heating solutions for swimming pools and koi ponds.

Operating from Basildon in Essex in the UK, we have become the leading supplier of swimming pool heat pumps and pool heating solutions to the UK and Europe.

We have won numerous awards in recoginition of the excellent service we provide

Please Contact Us and speak to the experts !

Find out more about HeatPumps4Pools…

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Based on 70 reviews

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Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (6)Ed White

19:23 26 May 24

Dealt with an issue with a product (missing part) promptly and effectively with a good outcome, thank you

Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (7)Mark Cole

18:21 15 May 24

Got some hose parts today,I didn’t have a clue,they did,my pool is now filling and all connected.1st class service.Thank you

Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (8)Richard Home

13:00 08 Apr 24

Brilliant company, brilliant customer service and brilliant product. I bought a Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 24 Heatpump back in 2019, still going strong🤞 I have an indoor pool, put my pool on, on Saturday, it’s Monday and showing 27.5 from 15. We run our pool at 32 this will be to heat by tomorrow.Customer service was brilliant, spoke to David Morris, he couldn’t be more helpful, thanks guys.

Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (9)Dimitrios Lazos

11:22 12 Sep 23

Needed to have a part delivered in very short notice, and to make it worse, even outside the UK, to Germany, with all the extra complication this comes with. They did everything possible so that I get the part on time! Amazing flexibility, technical support and willingness to serve the customer in the best way possible!

Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (10)Andrew Gleave

12:05 24 Aug 23

Very happy with the service I received yesterday after our Hot Splash Heat Pump leaked R32 Gas and failed. Having rung and spoken to one of the team, I had a replacement heat pump being sent out and will hopefully receive today (the day after my first phone call). I also took the option of upgrading to a better quality heat pump. The process was very smooth from start to finish. Thank you.12:30pm the following day I have received the new heat pump and have installed it, all within 24hrs of my initial call. Great work.

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Thermotec Inverter with Wifi Archives (2024)
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